No Need to Be Home Poor

So long as you have a steady income (which means not out on furlough or unemployed), and a pre-pandemic credit rating of 680 and above, banks are still making mortgage loans. That means you can downsize, lower your payments, and with a bit of creativity take money out of your home and set it aside as a rainy day fund or cash reserve.

Sell your $500,000 home,
Downsize to a $450,000 home
Sell 1/3 of future appreciation to an investor for $45,000
Put $20,000 toward the house and $25,000 in the bank

Sell Your Existing home

Click here to see a valuation on your home.  Note: this is from a computer and not from a person who has seen your home.  It is a beginning.  We need to see your house to assess its true value and give you a suggested listing strategy.

Get $ Today for a Share of Future Appreciation

Investors such as Unison, Point, HomeTap and more will pay you cash today to share in the future appreciation of your new home.  Typically they want roughly 35% of the future appreciation in return for giving you 10% of the purchase price of the home in CASH.  You pay them ZERO until the house is sold (or when the typically 30 year agreement expires).  Only then do you repay the cash and appreciation share.

We Can Help You Through This Process

Our team has been helping real estate buyers and seller for almost two decades.  We have been through prior crises and market setbacks.  We know what it means to sell a house at short sale, to face the risk of credit ruin and even bankruptcy.  We have done transactions with the "shared equity" investors.  You are not in this alone.  We can take on some of the burden and relieve your stress.
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