Your mortgage and other house costs have become a burden.
You may have asked your lender for forbearance.
BUT when the bill comes due -- you don't know if you have the resources to repay it.

You have more options than you might know

  • Your existing home has value
    There is a huge pent up demand for homes. We still have a housing shortage. Prices have NOT declined.
  • A new home can be a blessing
    Downsizing does not necessarily mean compromising. A home which costs 10% less than your present house can be just as comfortable. Without stressing your finances.
  • Get money today from future appreciation
    A number of our investor partners will give you 10% of the value of your new home in CASH in return for a 1/3 share of any future appreciation. It is like a loan with NO current payments due.
  • Create a cash reserve
    That cash can go towards the down payment of the new house or use it to create a cash reserve for future emergencies. Now you can sleep better at night.

Don't Let Covid-19 Destroy Your Financial Future


If you do not have the cash to keep your mortgage current without financial strain, you are house poor.  Covid-19 has disrupted the economy and made being house poor an unacceptable burden.  Don't ruin your life just to pay the mortgage.  Covid-19 may have created the problem, but only you can fix it. The CARES Act mandates that your mortgage lender grant you forbearance on your existing loan. BUT, note forbearance is not forgiveness.  You still owe the unpaid payments.  Failure to pay can put you at the risk of foreclosure  and worse it can destroy your credit score. The time to fix this is now -- before your credit is affected.  Realistically, you have until the end of 2020.

Covid-19 Got You Stressed?
Want to be Home Poor No More?
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